I typically work with the client to design a knife to fit their personal needs/taste/requirements and hand.


obj391geo249pg14p2This dagger was only my second attempt at damascus, and was made from wrought Iron I gathered in Salem harbor, Salem, Ma. It lso has higher carbon steel from a roto-tiller tine, and is likely then a 1085 or 5160. The fittngs are silver I sling-cast in  a juice can, and the handle is hand carved mahogany, as is the sheath, which also has a leather throat. This is the only picture I have of this piece.

I have learned much since makng it, and have refined my approach…but this remains one of my favorites.

Similar to start at $800, designed to custom specs.


This knife was designed for a friend for his trip to Australia.  He stands 6’5″ and had REALLY big hands. As such, I traced his hand to design a handle big enough.  It fits his hand perfectly, and yet is awkward in mine. Custom fit is as important to performance as steel and heat treat.

The design process led to changes over the original which was to have a slightly smaller blade, with less belly…but we both liked this!
Cocobolo handle, copper sleved brass rivets, copper reinforced lanyard hole.
$400 for similar with sheath.

Gothic Mace


The title says it all. Devastatingly powerful, the mace could crush and tear armour as well as the flesh underneath. Besides, this would terrify anyone on the wrong end of it.

At a little over three pounds, 3/16″ flanges, a hexagonal shaft, and topspike, this will knock away shields,go through helmets and make articulated armour…well, not articulated anymore! Handforged, filed and brazed as is proper for medieval weapon, no modern welding is needed. Even the handguards and rings holding flanges in place were “sweated-on”. Hardwood handle wrapped in deerskin/twisted brass. More pics available.

$600 for similar


Warhammers / Axes

warhammeraxe warhammeraxeheads

Warhammers/Axes made from re-worked ballpein hammers…available in all sizes from 8oz. to 24 oz.

I can make any style of backspike, sharpened on the inside or diamond shaped, square, whatever. Heads can be made as axes, tomahawks, warhammers, and the ball can be made to a hammer to compliment the axe for a rifleman’s ‘hawk. I currently use large framer’s hammer handles, but can make hickory to any shape, and will be willing to use traditional tomahawk handles. $40-$95



Going back in time, to the first piece I ever made “start-to finish”. Steel blade forged and ground with no knowledge or tools a blacksmith would eventually need to gather or make… Leather sheath, with “beagle fur” covering (calfskin, but it’s a good joke…)

Mahogany handle, Sterling silver fittings, the pommel cast in my dormroom with a handheld torch on a wooden chair with an open mould of plaster…not recommended, but did I mention not knowing what I was doing?

Mine….Not for Sale… $400 for similar.



The knife that started it all…I bought this, my first and only custom piece by another maker. Never met him, know his name is Robert Barron…he made the sheath afterward, as I was the first to buy one of his pieces…but I don’t know what happened to him…any info would be great.