Candleholders, Chandeliers, Snuffers…


Wall sconce Three arms, held without welds! Copper candle cups and drip pans.Suggested as pair for either side of your fireplace, or doorway for $600

Single piece available $340


Fleur-de-Lis wall sconce, no welds, Iron and copper.

Available $120


CHAN1 chandelier9web

A medieval style chandelier with 9 cups. Forged to emulate calla lilies, dripless candles are recommended!
Can make similar with full cups.
Available $350


The snuffer has a copper cup, riveted to an articulated joint, which then attaches to the handle.
This one is Stainless and Copper, Iron available as well.
Leaf option $25
Plain handle $20
These are handmade and each is unique.