Kitchen / Feast Gear

Feast Gear and Kitchen Stuff


Care and feeding:
Herb choppers are made of carbon steel, and as such are to be treated as any fine iron cookware. They come seasoned like an iron pan. I cover them in olive oil and bake them at 350 degrees for two hours. This does the same as it would to an iron pan, creating a nearly non-stick coating. To clean, wipe under hot water, dry with a cloth, and oil with your favorite cooking oil, wiping off excess.
Prices start at $30 for one handle. Each piece is different.


Pot Rack 1web
Pot racks can be made to fit any decor, in any size, over islands or from a wall, with as many hooks as necessary. I also have made them in Stainless Steel for commercial applications.
Starting at $250
This utensil set was made for a client who also had me make a frying pan…I’ll not say I’ll never do another pan, but, sheesh!
A pan woul be expensive…several hundred dollars!
Utensil set like this will run $300 for similar.


Other Items

SPORKS (Stainless Steel, handforged)

also known as Sucketts, these have a fork on one side and a spoon on the other…


Traditional Knife/Fork/spoon sets…(Stainless Steel, handforged)

these are available with wood handles in any number of hardwoods, set price starting at $150, or one-piece (no wood, handle is same piece of steel as business end) starting at $50 /3piece set


One-piece stainless chopstics, gently tapering in the Japanese tradition, or rounded end in the Chinese tradition, the handles receive twists, incisions or fileworking…

Starting at $30/set


Just as they say…various designs, horse, dragons, plain, leaf…my imagination, or yours. They open Beer!