Damascus Jewelry

Some of these pieces are available, others represent patterns that can be made into jewelry, or as knives…patterns are samples, as each piece is necessarily unique!

“Damascus” is the most well known term for a number of processes that allow for light and dark layer patterns in steel. The process with which I am most familiar, and practice in the generation of the pieces here is known as “Pattern Welding”.

Essentially, I layer different steels together, place them in the fire until they are so hot the sufaces will weld when hammered in the anvil.

This creates a laminate of many layers which I am then able to manipulate with my hammer and other tools to develop the pattern you see on the surface. The patterns are revealed through removing up to half of the material, the remaining piece is then etched in acid, “developing” the pattern.The darker layers typically are the higher carbon steel, where the lighter layers are the lower carbon iron.

Raindrop Pattern


Raindrop Pattern
Ladder Pattern


Twist Pattern