The ULTIMATE Champagne bucket…

(bear skin not included) 

Available. $600
Available. $600

Starting with locally harvested Walnut, my friend Jamie Woodring created this six-sided champagne bucket.  He asked me if I could make rings for a bucket like on a barrel. I thought I could with no real issue, but then I saw it had six sides, and a barrel-ring would not do.
By the time I had prototyped the multi-piece bands, I had finished the stand, and we had the glasses back from etching (not visible in this pic is the fact that my logo has been etched into the glass).
The Stand has no welds. It has been completely handforged, and joined with rivets.
The height is perfect for next to a table, and reachable from any fireside romace spot, even on the bearskin rug on the floor!
Just add your favourite friend, a beverage, some ice in the completely waterproof bucket (available in almost any wood), and enjoy!

We can even etch the glass with a family crest, the logo from your B+B, or hotel, or winery!