Rose Work

I made these for Mike Rose


This all-stainless dagger is also one piece from tip to rose, and has the guard/handle wraps riveted on!
It takes a very long time to anneal stainless capable of holding an edge to be able to be drilled for rivets by a regular drill press, with a regular HSS bit, on a hand-hammered surface, which is also pretty narrow.
…or so I’m told.

Seriously, this was one of those threshold pieces…more difficult than I had previously attempted on a technical level, which leads to a sense of accomplishment when done…


This box actually has two more inside it, a nest of boxes for use in a particular trick. This was the first piece I made for Mike, and probably my first custom order in the sense that there was a lot of back and forth, e-mails, and the deposit was well spent before work began.
Highlights you can’t see:
The feet are actually columns which go all the way up as roped twists.
The rose on the front is fully dimensional, and the stem serves as the locking ring for the hinged hasp.
The box is fully riveted with 45 degree angled plates making room for the feet-columns.